Best Places to Enhance Your Creativity for Story Creation.

main image.jpg

Writer’s block, writer’s block!

Nightmare around the clock.

All I need is an escape,

an excellent idea,

to start my piece again.

Gray cells are you listening?

Awaken that wordsmith in me again!

Or take me to such places where I can re-think.

I hope that the zephyr of creativity will embrace me

And my thoughts will find their happy ways.

1. Delicious Diggings!

While cooking in the kitchen.

kitchen fire 1

Caution: Keep a fire extinguisher ready in case you get lost in your thoughts and burn down your kitchen. Also, keep the contact number of pizza delivery company handy as there are chances that your ‘food’ may not turn out to be as good as expected or may not be suitable for human consumption at all.

2. Joyous, Joyous Ride!

While traveling in metro.

metro1Caution: Keep extra cash in your pocket otherwise you may run the risk of being stranded. Your day-dreaming habits may take you far from your destination.

3. Do Not Disturb!

Thinking in loo, while others stand in a queue.

toilet thoughts 1.jpg

Caution: Don’t take too long inside the loo, because people standing outside won’t understand your rendezvous with creativity and will start banging the door, hurling abuses at you.

4. I’m Dreaming!

When you have comfortably tucked yourself in bed.

sleeping thought1

Caution: Your bed proves to be a haven to your exhausted body and mind but while awakening your creativity and developing your ideas, ensure that you do not doze off.



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