How to stay fit when you have no time

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If the articles about weight loss and staying fit attracts you and you always take advise and tips from health experts, then you are one of those who wants to stay fit and active. But, what if you don’t have much time or is unable to devote the time on your health and fitness? Trust us, if you decide and stay firm on your decision, then you can surely loose those extra kilos and get rid of your belly. Here are some tips that you can follow and practice and can include in your daily regime to stay fit, which will also help you stay active and become more productive.

Enrol in a fitness class and do show up for it

We know you don’t have much time to devote to the gym and you can’t spend hours in the gym but shell out some time and enrol yourself for a fitness class such as Zumba or meditation. Even if it gets difficult for you to take out long hours to attend such classes, try and be a part of them at least thrice a week. These classes will not be a regular boring stuff like the one in a gym but will help you remain fit in interesting ways.

Take a good nap or sleep

Lack of sleep not only makes you lazy and inactive, but can also be a reason for your low productivity at work. A healthy mind and body is what you will need to have a productive and useful day. Hence, make sure you sleep at least eight hours at night. Also, whenever possible, do take a power nap and refresh yourself with new ideas and energy.

Get off one station early

This may look weird to you, but it is a great way to utilize your time to help you stay fit. While traveling back home, get off a station early from your train/metro or subway and walk for rest of the distance. This is one of the easiest ways by which you can stay fit and use your time efficiently.

Be-friend water

Water is the best source of energy and can keep you hydrated and energetic throughout day. Be-friend water to stay fit and healthy and drink at least eight glasses a day. By eight – glasses, we strongly disapprove of mixing it with any other drink. Wink…

Indulge in healthy and organic eating

Instead of consuming unhealthy and packed food, switch to organic food. Organic food has its own way health benefits – it will keep your weight controlled, provides you energy making you more healthy and efficient.

Exercise at your desk

One of the easiest ways to stay fit without much efforts is to exercise at your desk. You can easily do some stretching exercises at your work station. All you need is take a 5 to 10 minutes break and go ahead with the same. Roll your eyes, stretch your arms, neck and legs. They may appear tough but you can take references from the web for these easy exercises.

Sneak in activity whenever possible

Sneak in to some physical activities whenever possible and do not miss a chance to do so. For example, use stairs instead of escalators, walk down to the nearest market and ditch your car or bike. Play games with your kids and by games we are not talking about games on your smart phones but outdoor games such as cricket, football, badminton or which ever sport that interests you. Getting involved in these physical activities are a great way to stay fit without giving much time and effort.

Don’t skip meals

For staying fit and healthy, never decide to skip your meals. Don’t forget that for staying healthy, you need to eat healthy and on time. Skipping your meals will only affect your health, making you feel more weak and tedious. Instead of skipping meals, concentrate on eating healthy and better. Eat regularly and in small portions to get the complete nutrients. Your good habits of eating will only help you getting fit and fine.

Do your chores

Many people think that doing household chores is not an activity. But, if given a close look at the kind of physical activity some chores require at home, they may change their thoughts. Scrubbing the floor, cleaning and even gardening require efforts and can impact your heart rate and help you stay fit. Get the dual benefits of doing the household chores – staying fit and getting things done.



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